The Victorian West of Author Michelle Black

Never Come Down

A Novel of the Colorado High Country.

Never Come DownThis cryptic slogan puzzles Darcy Close when she arrives in Colorado's Tenmile Canyon. She has come to the high country to investigate the strange legacy left to her by her great aunt: A remote mountain ghost town called Leap Year and a terrible family secret.
"Living up here...something happens to you," local carpenter Evan Allender tells Darcy. "It's like a drug you can't get enough of. A high so incredible you never want to come down."

Darcy finds herself falling in love with both Leap Year and Evan, but will the price of life at altitude utimately prove to high? It might have for one of Darcy's ancestor's, Conor McAllister, who came to the Tenmile Canyon one hundred years earlier when Leap Year was a thriving boom town.

In tandem stories, Darcy and Conor experience the world above ten thousand feet in all its offbeat glory, but to save Leap Year from descruction, Darcy must solve the mystery of Conor's disappearance without repeating his fate.

Winner of the 1997 CIPA Award for Fiction "This first novel is filled with romance, lost treasures, family secrets, happy endings, and the wonder of life in the High Country"
- Great Divide Magazine

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